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SurgRx “Hummingbird” Tissue Sealing Handle

As a follow-up to its well-received EnSeal Handle, SurgRx wanted a more compact and precise device better suited to procedures such as thyroid surgery. SurgRx Tissue Sealing HandleAs such, it needed to operate like dissecting scissors, as that was what surgeons were accustomed to. The device needed to use the first handle's internal mechanical structure for easier regulatory acceptance as well as to use SurgRx's existing patents.


With a series of mockups, we explored the human factors and   

SurgRx Tissue Sealing Handle

interface issues to preserve scissor-like functionality while enabling the user to employ a range of hand grip positions ensuring that, no matter how it needed to be held, the tip was always stable and controllable while the moving grip was squeezed.

Shown: Functional Stereo Lithography model to prove out the final design.


The handle is designed with two sets of actuator buttons that can be easily operated
by either the index finger or thumb, depending on the grip style. Because of
this, the main body can always be held steady when the cutter lever and the actuator
buttons are used. It is beautiful and distinctive, while employing the first
unit’s appearance details.